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Edible ginger - Zingiber officinale

Edible ginger - Zingiber officinale

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 Lush tropical herbaceous perennial with glossy evergreen foliage. White buds open into yellow flowers; or red buds open into red flowers. Attractive garden plant grown for its edible tangy roots used in cooking and medicine.

Perfect for tropical gardens and containers in shaded areas.
Subtropical or tropical is ideal. Protect from frost.

Zingiber officinale grows to about 3 feet tall in medium to full sun. It prefers a rich well drained soil and can be fertilized with an all purpose fertilizer. They do prefer to be watered often. The blooms on this species are not very attractive, and it shouldn’t be grown solely as an ornamental given the other options available. Mature clumps will produce small green cones and cream colored flowers on a separate leafless stalk. As a spice plant it is very easy and productive

Once the cooler temps of late Autumn have arrived, let the plants dry out. Natural rain will not hurt them, but one should cut off hand watering to stimulate the natural dormancy process. Plants grown in the ground are of course the easiest to take care of. A layer of mulch over the bed is usually not even necessary in most areas, but certainly wouldn’t hurt. Plants grown in pots can be moved under cover and left to dry out and go dormant. Once dormant, the entire pot can be stored in a cool dry place over winter. The rhizomes can also be lifted, washed, dried, and stored indoors as well. 

Available in 140mm pots

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