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Scarlet Butterfly Ginger - Hedychium greenii

Scarlet Butterfly Ginger - Hedychium greenii

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Hedychium greenii is unique among the “commonly” grown Butterfly Gingers in many ways. To start it is a shorter species, usually topping out at 4 feet tall or less.  The flowers are delicate looking with an orange/red coloration.  The most incredible feature though is that towards the end of blooming plantlets begin to form on the inflorescence.  These can be harvested and planted.   This species likes to be grown in moist areas and does not like to dry out during the growing season.  Paying attention to watering will help ensure they bloom.  Grows best in bright shade to medium sun.

Don’t shy away from this exotic-looking plant! It is tough and will bring eye-appeal and satisfaction for years to come!

Available in 200mm pots

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