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Variegated Shampoo Ginger Zingibar zerumbet darcyi

Variegated Shampoo Ginger Zingibar zerumbet darcyi

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A really interesting plant that’s getting a lot of attention these days is shampoo ginger. 

People with an interest in exotic plants should consider growing this beautiful ginger plant even if it’s in pots. Once the flowers emerge, there will be no more questions about why we chose to highlight this amazing plant. 

This species in widespread throughout southeast Asia and comes in many variations.  To date there is only one variegated cultivar, often known as ‘Darcyi.’  It is not as tall or as vigorous a grower as the standard cultivar, but its foliage is lush and it makes the same lovely red cones in late summer.  It requires some extra protection in the form of mulch and well drained soil.  Grows to 3 feet in bright shade to medium sun.

Available in 140mm pots

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